How to use Instagram for getting massive following

Instagram is the best tool to promote your brand or personal account.But most of the people don’t even know how to use this platform to become aninfluential figure. In order to become Instagram famous or top influencer, you need to get a massive following base. In this article, we will talk about someproven strategies that will help you how to gain followers on Instagram.

How to gain followers on Instagram:

Use the following tactics to build your audience in a short span of time. Here’s how to gain followers on Instagram.

Post to Instagram Frequently:

On Instagram, the frequency of post does matters to grow followers.Post more often if you get immediate success on Instagram. Consider postingevery day a week. The frequent posting also improves your engagement rate.

Pick The Right Hashtags:

People search their interest through hashtags on Instagram, so it is important to use them with each post. First off, you need to figure out what your followers are interested in, make a list and use them in your posts. You can also develop your own hashtags that build your brand exposure and increase the brand awareness among people. When people will search on Instagram through hashtags, they will likely to see your posts and get engage with them.

Be Consistent & Committed:

For growing your fan base, all you need to be committed and consistent.You need to engage the people with your post with frequent posting and moreimportantly, interact with your audience by asking them to like and share yourpost and responding on their comments. This tactic will work for every industryand audience. It seems hard to build an audience on Instagram but it’s not too grueling as you think. These tips and tricks will give you a number offollowers in no time.

Make Sure Your Story Has Faces In It:

People love to see photos of people. Photos or story with faces getsthe most engagement. According to experts that a story with face gets 35% more engagement (likes & comments). So make sure to post your stories with aface or share a selfie with your followers. If you are drinking cold coffee,hand out with friends or at a picnic with family, share your intimate momentswith your followers. People will likely to visit your profile through yourInstagram stories. Give them a reason to your followers to keep following youby sharing your real life moment

Use Color and Light in your photos:

On Instagram photos with bright colors (full of blue, green, and gray)and light resonate well than the posts that have light colors (rich in orange,yellow, and pink). Keep your photos vibrant and radiant that all eyeballs willbe on your photos. Also, you can make the color palette part of your Instagram’page theme. By doing this, you can entice the potential audience and a numberof people will likely to follow you at first place or simply buy real instagram followers after doing research with google.

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