Tips for Making Your Business Page Posts Become More Attractive

Making your Facebook posts more natural look andappealing on the news feed can help a lot with content viewership. When yourposts make an engaging or sometimes even emotional impact on the people itcreates a spark of conversation between them which leads to a lot ofinvolvement from the targeted audience on your post as they feel constrained totalk about it and respond to it.

Your main objective should be to have your post shared as much as possible as it will reach out to a whole new mass of people that are not involved with your business page or your posts. These instances of audience engagement and impact are the key to success on media marketing. Following are the steps that will help you create a post which is much more engaging for your audience.

Communicating with your audience

Setting up a QnA session with your followers isa great way to engage your followerswith your page and getting responses from them. It works even better if you askyour audience to question about a specific topic or subject matter, setting anending date for the questioning session and clarifying when and who will beanswering the questions. After that you can answer the questions by sharingthem on your page as a document or a video or even go live to create moreattraction. The questions can be answered by a hired expert, someone in yourstaff or a partner you work with.

Using Eojies

Believe it or not but using emojis actually help generate a higher comment, like and share rate than the posts that don’t. It makes your posts look more attractive and friendly. Keep the number of emojis used small and use the ones that are appropriate and according to the context of your post.

Host a Competition or a Giveaway

The best way to quickly generate a lot of involvement and engagement on your page is to run a giveaway or a contest in which you would ask people to comment and like your post to enter the giveaway. Be sure to make it clear that the contest in no way supported, sponsored or administrated by Facebook or any other company. Ask your audience to submit photos or videos which you can then share to make the contest feel more natural and intentional and can also become free content generated by your audience.

Keep an Eye on Current Events

Taking a part in and sharing news and posts that are discussing about an event happening in the world is a great way to involve your audience and yourself in conversations that people are already a part of. This makes you feel like a person taking a part in that conversation as well rather than an annoying business page.

Use Media in Your Posts

Using images and videos in your posts that are about that post or explain it can help tremendously in making your post more attractive and eye-catching. Use photos and videos that you have taken yourself and avoid the use of stock photos as they don’t stand out and make your post bland.

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