Travelling is like music for the soul. The knowledge gained through travelling and exploring new places can never be acquired through books and magazines. The experience itself is priceless.  Many do not get the chance to gain the experience but everyone should at least try to change this tiny detail about their lives. People who do not get to travel are always looking for alternatives that can get them close to the actual experience. Many people have devoted their lives to the cause. They store what they have witnessed while traveling themselves in writing the pen down their first hand experiences and knowledge, what they saw, what they learnt and most importantly what they want the world to know. It is beneficial for both the parties alike, the travelers and the readers. The travelers get the satisfaction of telling the world about what the saw and felt whereas the ones who didn’t get to see the real deal get a chance to travel there through imagination. These accounts are typically referred to as travel books.

Travel books are the second best option

People often have self-createdthoughts about nations, cultures and countries. More than often these thoughtsare wrong but they can only be proven wrong when one encounters these thingshimself or when they learn differently through a reliable source. This can onlybe discovered when the travelers live through it themselves and then let theworld know about it. Travel books are quite valuable as they are an insight to a whole world unknown to many.itis a historic practice which continues till date. Such writings and books needto be encouraged so that the future generations can have the accounts which thepresent generations enjoy because of the travel books written by their ancestors. It all comes down to keeping the practicealive so the volumes of travel books canincrease. Electronic journals and online accounts are also becoming famous butthey stand no match to good old read. Books can never be replaced by theseoptions since there are many who still prefer it the classic way. Travelersfrom around the globe write what they have learned by staying and living invarious cultures. Although words can often not describe the feelings but theyare still a good choice to resort too. Travel books are still surprisingly popular amongst patrons of discovering theworld through black and white.

Diaries of Captain James Cook, Grand tour and Island Voyage are all good examples of classic travel books. These books are just like a documentary but instead of being a visual treat they are a treat for those who enjoy words. They can be found as online articles on various websites or even in books. Every good travel book requires that a traveler settles well into the environment of a foreign land and becomes increasingly accustomed to their culture, customs and traditions. This is the only way even the most minor things can be learned. Great travelers have already provided great accounts and contemporary travelers continue to do so.

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