Will There Be Any Changes in the Privacy Section in Social Media in 2019 ?

When it comes to digital privacy there has always been issues between the users and the tech corporations. In 2018, there were many cases which involved the users privacy in the online systems. Facebook was at the top example, the social media platform was under the focus of the authorities of mishandling the users private information. The case still was not that clear that it clarifies the misconceptions between the users and the companies but it surely did awake so many people on the issues of privacy of personal information so now the question is that will the reaction of the users change in the 2019 or there will be same vague conceptions about the privacy issues.

Through different studies being made on Facebook after the privacy cases it shows that the social media platform’s monthly active users still goes up in the whole world except the Europe region where there is the first time decline for the monthly active users. Facebook claims that the information provided by the users is that it is better to target the ad on the basis of users personal experience and interests in the social media platform but the whole experience of the Facebook and also other social media platforms is that these platforms tend to show the information related to the interests of the users through different ads which is fine but when it comes to social issues the social media platforms go for the biased and controversial news which makes the users hook up to their social media platforms for a very long time. Issues like these changes the perception of the users to the world when it comes highly sensitive topics. This is a psychological thing that people respond to the information which is being shown to them and when it comes to showing repeatedly highly negative information then that can have a serious impact on the users which is dangerous for the societies around the world. This creates divisions inside the societies in which one side is not able to listen or understand the other side’s perspective over a certain issue. There are enough examples in the present time where the political movements are being based on to this phenomenon where every group is being fueled by its own biased views.

Social media is now so integrated into our lives that it plays a huge role in making our every day decision which is really a big concern. People are taking the privacy issues seriously, maybe in this year there will be a push from the users side to change the privacy policies or at least be transparent to the users that what is going on in terms of personal information being used for the advertisements or for preventing free will in the users of the social media platforms.

This is a major issue in our society and it should be taken care of otherwise these platforms will go out of control just like we are going out of control when it comes to perceiving something.

A study on social Media privacy by Shireen Adalia, Senior blogger for social media marketing at Tweetnfollow

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